PKU Products

Where to find Low Protein Foods & What Products to look out for

Phone 1800 889 480
Nutricia provides Loprofin products including pastas, biscuits, crackers, bread, milk replacements. Also check out for recipes, advice, news & products.

Phone 03 5229 8222
Vitaflo provides Fate flour & cake mixes, PKU gels, coolers and Pro Zero (no protein milk replacement)

Cortex Health
Phone 1800 367 758
Cortex Health has joined with the US based manufacturer Cambrooke Foods to provide products to people with PKU. Cortex Health also supply Low Protein products which can be ordered from there website. These include cheese slices, aProten pastas, baking mix and other products.

Platypus Foods
Phone 02 6655 2626
Platypus Foods is an Australian company manufacturing low protein bread and baking mixes at a low cost.

Phone 03 9863 7501
Orpharma is relatively new to the Australian market. The Orpharma range of Phe Free Protein Supplements has been sourced from Scandinavia. The range is unique in that the amino acids used for all products are Japanese amino acids which are considered to create a difference in smell, taste and colour.

PKU Direct Oceania
PKU Direct Oceania is an Australian company that was set up by an Australian mother as she was finding it a challenge finding suitable foods for her son with PKU. Lisa started the company which imports the low protein foods from Promin foods in the UK. They provide a large range of products including sausage and burger mix, cheese sauce and desserts.

Allergy Friendly Foods
Allergy Friendly Foods are a distributor of many types of allergy friendly products including many PKU products. They deliver nationally. Check out the website for further information.

Choices Gluten Free
Choices are a gluten free bakery located throughout NSW and deliver nationally. They carry some low protein breads, and also a range of products can be found in Healthy Life stores. Check out the website for more information.

Vegan Perfection
Vegan Perfection is a distributor of vegan products and deliver nationally. They carry some low protein products, e.g. some Angel Foods products, Bonvita chocolate, GreenVie cheeses, egg free mayonnaise and other products. Check out the website for further information.

Check out your local supermarkets for these brands. Some of their range have low protein products

Pastas, biscuits, egg replacer, flour & cake mixes

My Life
Bio cheese

Flour, jelly mix & cake mixes, drinking chocolate

Freedom Foods
Cereals, mayonnaise, biscuits, wraps & snacks

Healthy Vegie Bite
Vegie Spread

Ice cream cones, biscuits, pretzels

Biscuits, crackers

White Wings
Has gluten free plain flour 2.9p/100g and gluten free self raising flour 0.7p/100g

Country Life Bread
Country Life Gluten Free white bread is 1.25p/per slice

Ajija’s Vege Chips