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PKU Direct Oceania

PKU Direct Oceania is a new company distributing Promin products to the Australian market. Lisa was finding it a challenge finding suitable foods for her son with PKU and started the company which imports the low protein foods from Promin foods in the UK. They offer a range of products including burger and sausage mix, cheese sauce and desserts. Visit for further details or connect on Facebook

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Orpharma is an Australian pharmaceutical company that are very pleased to be bringing a new range of PKU products to Australia.

Orpharma has introducted the range of Mevalia Foods. The Mevalia low protein range provides high quality, low protein foods that are not only appetising but are nutritious and full of flavour! If that is something that you’ve been missing, why not see what all the fuss is about and try some great food for yourself? Start with the starter special – where you can order one of each of the products and save over 10%! The Mevalia range is suitable for those with inherited metabolic disorders including phenylketonuria (PKU). Further information and orders can be made on the website.

The Orpharma range of Phe Free Protein Supplements has been sourced from Scandinavia and is already available in many countries around the world. The range is unique in that the amino acids used for all products are Japanese amino acids which are considered to create a difference in smell, taste and colour. In addition patented coating techniques have been applied to the amino acids which have contributed to other reported benefits (reduced film on the teeth, etc).

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Platypus Foods

Platypus Foods is an Australian company manufacturing low protein bread and baking mixes for metabolic disorders like Phenylketonuria (PKU).
The aim of Platypus Foods is to improve the lives of individuals with metabolic disorders through better access to quality low protein foods at a low cost. 


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Australian Government, Department of Health – Inborn Errors of Metabolism Program (IEM Program)

Information of the Inborn Errors of Metabolism Program, IEM Grant and application form.

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Human Genetics Society of Australasia

ASIEM was founded as a special interest group of HGSA bringing together laboratory scientists, metabolic physicians, nurses and dieticians involved in the diagnosis and treatment of inborn errors of metabolism. The society has produced a number of dietary handbooks, including the PKU Handbook.

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Rare Disease Day Australia

Rare Disease Day, celebrated each year on 28th February (a rare day), raises awareness about rare diseases and the impacts they have on those affected personally and their families.

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Allergy Friendly Foods

Allergy Friendly Foods provide specialty low allergen foods to cater for those with multiple allergies, specialty diets and conditions such as asthma, eczema, autism, PKU, coeliac disease, ADHD & reflux.

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Pku2you is an Australian company that was set up by an Australian mother as she was tired of there being little or no variety of foods for her daughter with PKU. So, she went searching for more options for her daughter and thought this could help other people with PKU.

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Cortex Health

Cortex Health provide the Cambrooke range of Protein Supplements via the PBS. They also offer a range of low protein products for purchase via their website.

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Genetic Alliance Australia

Genetic Alliance Australia (previously named AGSA - Association of Genetic Support Australasia) facilitates support for those affected directly or indirectly by genetic conditions/rare diseases throughout Australasia.

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Vitaflo Australia

Information on Inborn Errors of Metabolism for Australians. Also ordering for Low Protein Fate products & Vitabite. For over 20 years, Vitaflo® has been at the forefront of developing innovative specialised clinical nutrition products for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM), nutrition support and disease specific conditions such as renal disease. Our dedicated experts have over 30 years’ experience in producing specialist nutritional products. Working in partnership with world key opinion leaders and patients, Vitaflo’s aim is to create products that combine the best of cutting edge research with the lifestyle demands of modern living, ensuring the most acceptable products are available for the patient.

We live in an ever-changing world. Vitaflo strives to be the customer-responsive company. By constantly evolving to meet patient needs, Vitaflo will continue to develop products which offer patients choice and help support them in complying with restrictive therapeutic diets.

Vitaflo Australia Pty Ltd has been distributing products throughout Australia since 2002. Vitaflo Australia’s head office and warehouse is in South Geelong Victoria with another office in Sydney. All products are efficiently distributed within Australia from our head office in South Geelong. Product samples are available upon request through your health professional and we offer a free home delivery service so you can get your products delivered straight to your door .

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Nutricia Australia

Information in Inborn Errors of Metabolism for Australians. Also provide a wide range of low protein foods to support people with PKU.

Nutricia, part of the Danone group, specialises in the delivery of advanced medical nutrition for the dietary management of disease and disease-related malnutrition. We supply high quality feeds, systems and support services to patients and healthcare professionals. Nutricia has been a pioneer of Advanced Medical Nutrition globally, and is rapidly expanding its services for patients across the world. At Nutricia, we have developed a broad and unique portfolio of products for many classes of patients, and we seek to provide solutions and services wherever nutritional intervention can be shown to improve clinical outcomes. In partnership with doctors, healthcare professionals and caregivers, we work to make a real difference in people’s lives by aiding recovery and encouraging independence.

Nutricia’s commitment to Inherited Metabolic Disease We strive to provide our customers and their families with the best quality of products and services available for the best clinical outcome and quality of life for people with Inherited Metabolic Disease (IMD). Nutricia provides a core portfolio of products for the dietary management of inborn errors of metabolism and epilepsy. These products support the greatest number of patients worldwide across the widest variety of IMDs.

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MDDA – Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association

The MDDA is a self-help, not-for-profit, support group that was set up in 1996 to assist members and their families with the complex issues in dealing with metabolic dietary disorders.

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