Harry Owens

Hi, my name is Harry Owens, I am 8 years old and I have PKU. I go to school at St Marys Primary School in Crookwell and I am in Year 3.

There are 27 people in my class and we are the biggest and the best class! My favourite things to do at school is maths and science and at recess and lunch we play cricket and handball. We catch a bus to school.

It sometimes gets very cold in Crookwell and snows were we live. I like it when it snows be-cause we get a day off school because the buses cant drive down Wades Hill into town be-cause it is too dangerous. There are 156 kids at our school and it is the best school we have our own church and I made my Holy Communion there last month. After the Communion mass we went to The Bistro and I had hot chips and a special treat, an iced chocolate drink. After that I went and played football.

I like football, I play Rugby League for the Crookwell Green Devils Under 9's. We play in Canberra, Yass, Queanbeyan, Cooma, Goulburn and Crookwell. I go for Melbourne Storm and my favourite players are Billy Slater and Cameron Smith.
I also like animals. I have lots of animals at our place. We have 3 dogs, Phoebe, Sheppy and Biddy ( the best ), 3 cats, Nitro, Ginger megs and Mudge, a canary, a turtle, a sheep, a horse, and lots of chooks. My favourite is nitro, he is really friendly and likes cuddles. When I was little he used to run to me when I cried and he follows me everywhere I go around the yard and down the creek.

I live in a small town called Binda, 20 minutes from Crookwell, It is a very friendly town and we have lots of Binda BBQs and parties like at Christmas and New Years Eve and a big cricket day down on the flat near the river on Australia Day every year. Last month we had Christmas in July in the shearing shed with a Christmas tree and candles and a big fire in the fireplace. My favourite thing to do in Binda is jump off the bridge into the river in sum-mer and fish and put out yabby pots. Last week the river flooded and came right up to the cricket pitch and a big tree fell down across the road.

I live with my older brother Ambrose, he is 11, younger sister River she is 8 months old and Mum and Dad. My Nan and Pop live on the same property just next door.

My brother, sister and Mum all have PKU too and we are the only people around here that have PKU. This year me and Ambrose are going to the PKU camp and it will be fun. We drink PKU cooler. Mine is PKU cooler 15 and I have 3 a day. My favourite food is hot chips with gravy and when my friends come over we have hot chips, popcorn and softdrink and watch movies. I like scary movies. The biggest thing I don‟t like about PKU is not having meat and telling people because they think I am different.

When I grow up I want to be in the army and I hope there is a cure for PKU so I don‟t have to carry my PKU coolers around with me.
I think the best thing about PKU is that it is a healthy foods that we eat and that Ambrose and River and Mum have it too. Me and Ambrose have races to see who can drink the cooler the fastest and I always win because mine is a bit smaller than his.

Thankyou for reading my story.
Harry Owens