Adults & Teens

One of the Association's goals is to actively re-establish contact with adults who have PKU and do not attend the Adult Metabolic Clinic. We put the call out to all individuals with PKU to:

  • Make an appointment with the Adult Metabolic Clinic for up-to-date information on the management of PKU
  • Learn about the many new products available to choose from
  • Subscribe to the PKU Association of NSW to keep up to date on research and management tips
  • Log on to this website regularly.

Get involved

  • Become a member of the Association - having as little or as much involvement as you choose
  • Come along to Association events to meet others with PKU
  • Build a brighter future by helping with fundraising initiatives
  • Consider filling a role within the association, or at our National PKU Youth Camp

Adult Metabolic Clinic around Australia

Note: For all initial appointments you will need a GP referral

New South Wales

Adult Metabolic Clinic at Westmead Hospital (next door to the Children’s Hospital)
The clinic is open on a Thursday morning by appointment only. Michel Tchan, the medical head has advised that adults with PKU wishing to make a clinic appointment should:

  • Contact the Genetic Medicine department on 02 9845 9780
  • Have a GP referral faxed to 02 9845 9789
  • Secure an appointment

South Australia

Royal Adelaide Hospital, Outpatients department (9th floor)
On the first & third Friday mornings of each month. Appointments for the Adult Clinic can be made by phoning the level 9 outpatients clerk, 08 8222 5174

Victoria & Tasmania

Royal Melbourne Hospital, Metabolic Diseases Unit
Is a statewide service for both Victoria & Tasmania. An outpatient clinic is held every Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning under the care of A/Prof Gerard de Jong. Clinic appointments can be made by contacting 03 9342 7074.

Western Australia

Royal Perth Outpatients Clinic
An outpatient clinic is held every second Monday morning at the Goderich Street Outpatient Clinic under the care of Dr John Burnett. Outpatients appointments can be made on 1300 855 275


Mater Hospital, Brisbane
Clinics are held in the specialist clinics area of the Neurometabolic Department, Level 4, Raymond Terrace under the care of Prof Frank Bowling and other physicians, 07 3163 1697. Adults are also still continuing to be seen at the Royal Childrens Hospital by the Metabolic Team on Herston Road, 07 3636 8111 (switchboard)