The PKU (Phenylketonuria)
Association of NSW Inc.

Meet Others

Member Contact List

Members will soon be able to enjoy access to a 'Member List' which you can also opt to be shown on. Only the information wishing to be shared is displayed - so you can feel free to contact other families and have them contact you.

Social Events

A great way to meet other families is to to attend one of our social events throughout the year:

National PKU Awareness Day - 1 May each year.
Our Association usually holds an event the weekend closest to this date. This year the PKU Lab Coat Walk of Fame will take place on Sunday 4th May 2014.

PKU Family Christmas Picnic - Last Sunday in November each year.
A visit from Santa, a table of PKU treats, fun raffles, entertainment and lots of opportunity to relax with other families and catch up on the year past!

Gala Dinners, Golf Day, City2Surf and other Fundraisers.
Frock up, tee off or just be in it to win it! However you prefer to show your support, you will be sure to meet like-minded families who will be happy trade experiences, recipes and email addresses.

Annual General Meeting & Bi-Monthly Committee Meetings
Although we do talk shop for a good part of the meeting, this is not a 'committee only' affair and is a great way to meet other families who are active in the PKU community.


The PKU (Phenylketonuria) Association of NSW Inc.